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Lusted Men X La Maison Européenne de la Photographie

As  part of its exhibition “Love Songs” La Maison Européenne de la  Photographie offers a program about intimacy in photography. It gives à  Carte Blanche to Lusted Men for an evening at the heart of the  eroticization of men*, Thursday, June 2 from 5 pm : https://bit.ly/3NLCK57. 17h Exhibition of the « 2020’s collection » […]

Lusted Men tour (continued & end)

Image Satellite – Nice – October 9 & 10 – 2021 Exhibition of the collection #1 Lusted Men in the presence of the curators.librairie-galerie vigna 3 rue Delille 06000Nice Lusted Men x La Nombreuse x Pianofabriek – Brussels – October 15 to 24 – 2021 Double exhibition Lusted Men : collections #1 & #2. The […]


Lusted Men tour 2021

Launched in 2019, Lusted Men is a collective project carried by artists, researchers and activists that already gathers nearly 2000 photographs sent by more than 500 photographers. While Les Rencontres d’Arles is presenting a photographic exhibition on masculinities (Masculinities), men’s eroticism* is still a little thought out subject. Yet, desire is a motor of power […]