Where are men*’s bodies in erotic photography?

The bulbous geometry of that bulge between the legs. The detail of a pulsing forearm vein. A drop of sweat dripping down a neck. This is what we want to see and show: the intimacy of male bodies in all shapes, sizes and anatomies.

As such, we’re seeking erotic photos of LUSTED MEN.

We invite you all to join us in creating a king-sized collection of meaty, masculine erotic pictures. Selfies, analog film shots, digital photos, photomontages, screenshots: all your images—whether they be pieces of artwork, or simple snapshots from your phone—can help furnish this gallery of the up-close-and-personal. The collection will be exhibited in Brussels, in 2020.

Photographs of men as objects of desire are rare. Erotica is a sphere largely left consigned to woman*: to be showcased, to be peeped at, to be ogled, to give one’s self over to others’ pleasure.

Men are taught to conquer others, not to lay themselves bare before a lens, an audience; and they are not brought to explore their own body and sensuality. To do so is a cultural taboo, one so closely adhered to that we don’t even notice the near absence of men in erotic photography. So let’s show them to be the objects of desire that they are.

Many gay artists have explored this field such as Mapplethorpe, Tillmans or Sergey Melnitchenko to whom we’ll pay homage. But what of the gaze of women—those attracted to, allured, enchanted by men? As women, we want to explore this largely uncharted ground. Women are not the only raw materials of desire, despite being used as such in advertising, photography, and cinema. We are also behind the lens, producers of erotic images.

So, come photographers, models, amateurs, aficionados! Send us your stock of erotic male images. For men curious to feel desired, for whoever wants to share their vision: indulge and participate. Look through the sexy pictures on your phones, set up photo shoots! LUSTED MEN will be all the more succulent for it. With or without clothes, following the audacity of your desires.

*identifying as


Send us your photographies here

Open to photographers from all genders and orientations |

The first open call was closed end of 2019, we received more than 230 contributions! However, we invite you to continue to send us your photographs and texts via this participation form. The collection is indeed continuously open. Events and publications will take place in the future.