Who we are

Lusted Men is a collective that invites to take an erotic look at men*.

Whether you come from near or far, if you want to chat with us, participate, or whatever, let us know.
via Instagram account: @lusted_men
or by email: lustedmen@nullhotmail.com

Lusted Men was imagined in 2019 by Flore Bleiberg, Lucie Brugier and Laura Lafon. Since then, the collective has been supported and crossed by many people to whom we are grateful: Esteban Gonzalez, Alizée Vincent, Pauline Rivière, Tucker Frederick Kapp, Manon Barbé Alberger, Hélène, Vincen Beeckman, Elsa Broclain, Shalom Rougeaux, Sandrine De Pas, Lucas Castel, le 18 rue des trois tilleuls, Charlotte Lalau, Carole Wiellmans, Le Hasard Ludique, les Ateliers du Toner, Maïa Mazaurette, Annakarin Quinto, Margaux Oren…