As  part of its exhibition “Love Songs” La Maison Européenne de la  Photographie offers a program about intimacy in photography. It gives à  Carte Blanche to Lusted Men for an evening at the heart of the  eroticization of men*, Thursday, June 2 from 5 pm :

Exhibition of the « 2020’s collection » of Lusted Men

Exhibition of erotic photographs of men* narrated by the members of the Lusted Men Collective
Ateliers de la MEP



Reading performance

Reading testimonials from participants of the Lusted Men photographic collection




Discussion on the collection and eroticization of men*



Projection of the « 2020’s collection » of Lusted Men

Exhibition of erotic photographs of men* narrated by the members of the Lusted Men Collective
Ateliers de la MEP

The Maison Européenne de la Photographie gave us a reduced rate for the people who participate to the project : LUSTEDMEP.

To use it: via the online ticket office,  select the event of June 2nd then select “full price” and finally,  enter the promo code in the box provided for this purpose at the end of  the sales tunnel.
*identifying as such


Image Satellite – Nice – October 9 & 10 – 2021

Exhibition of the collection #1 Lusted Men in the presence of the curators.librairie-galerie vigna
3 rue Delille

Lusted Men x La Nombreuse x Pianofabriek – Brussels – October 15 to 24 – 2021

Double exhibition Lusted Men : collections #1 & #2.
The 2020 collection will be unveiled for the first time exclusively at La Nombreuse.

La Nombreuse : Rue du Fort, 42 / 1060 Saint Gilles / Brussels
PianoFabriek : Fortstraat 35 / 1060 Saint Gilles / Brussels


✺ Friday, October 15
Opening at La Nombreuse

6pm to 10pm – Paf : Give what you want

✺ Saturday October 16th
Lusted Men – PianoPorno Night @PianoFabriek

> Concert by Dorian Dumont
6pm – Free entrance

> Screening & discussion
– short film made for Lusted Men, Anaëlle Salem & Clément Guinamard
– A song of love, Jean Genêt, 1975
– Take me through the looking glass, Olympe de G (Erika Lust)
8pm – Free admission

✺ Sunday, October 17
Mediation day with the curators of the exhibition

11am to 7pm – Free entrance

Les nuits Photographiques – Paris – November 6


Launched in 2019, Lusted Men is a collective project carried by artists, researchers and activists that already gathers nearly 2000 photographs sent by more than 500 photographers. While Les Rencontres d’Arles is presenting a photographic exhibition on masculinities (Masculinities), men’s eroticism* is still a little thought out subject. Yet, desire is a motor of power and creation that is essential to the construction of a world where gender stereotypes will finally be overturned. Lusted Men encourages this movement to build a visual archive of contemporary intimacy and continues to collect erotic photographs of men*. Come discover these images and meet the curators of the exhibition during their 2021 tour. Because eroticism is intimate, and therefore political!

Infos pratiques :
Babes Day · Angers · june 26th 2021
leboudoir2.0 · Arles · july 5th to 11th · 48 rue Fleury Prudhon
Image Satellite · Nice · 9th & 10th october 2021
Pianofabriek & La Nombreuse · Bruxelles · 15th to the 24th of october 2021